Plano Sod Installation

Plano Sod Installation

While most people are familiar with the generic term “grass,” few people are aware of all the different varieties of it that exist and what’s best for Dallas-Fort Worth’s humid subtropical climate. While a “Plano sod installation near me” internet search will generate many hits, it won’t help you make sense of which company knows their stuff. You can feel confident that we know our grass here at Top Tier Custom Landscape, though.

Our experienced landscaping team has at least 15 year’s worth of experience in all things sod installation and lawn maintenance and knows what will work best for the area, your property and how you plan to use it.


What Is the Best Sod to Use in Texas?

If you look up “sod installation near me in Plano TX,” then you may discover that some of the most commonly used grasses here in Texas are:

  • Zoysia
  • Augustine
  • Bermuda

You’ll find many of the inexperienced landscapers when performing a “Plano sod installation near me” search may, sadly, not know this basic information. It’s no point in you spending money on a sod installation project if it’s not going to take or survive in Dallas-Fort Worth’s unique climate.

You’ll want to ensure that whoever you summon to your property after conducting an internet search for “sod installation near me in Plano TX” knows which of these grasses require more sun or shade, the most water, is easiest to maintain and the differences in how each looks. We can provide visuals, including a 3D computer model of your grass choice surrounding your home so you’ll know what to expect.

Are you a little unsure about the commitment that comes with maintaining a freshly hydro seeded or sodded lawn? There’s no need to worry. Our staff can help with that as well! So, if you want to give your yard that boost of vibrancy that only freshly planted or well-maintained grass can provide, then you’ll want to pick us when searching for “Plano sod installation near me”. We’ll help you achieve that “wow factor” that you’re looking for!

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