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As the premier landscape irrigation services provider in McKinney, TX, Top Tier Custom Landscape is dedicated to helping our clients maintain beautiful, healthy, and sustainable landscapes. We offer a full range of irrigation services, from full-service design and installation to ongoing repairs and maintenance. Our team of certified experts uses the latest landscape watering technology to ensure that your irrigation system is installed correctly and operating efficiently. Contact us today at (214) 609-7605 for a free estimate. 

Maintaining a lush and healthy landscape can be a lot of work, especially in Texas where the summers are hot and dry. A well-designed and professionally installed landscape irrigation system can help you save time and money while keeping your landscape looking its best. At Top Tier Custom Landscape, we work on both residential and commercial projects, offering a wide range of irrigation services to properties of all shapes and sizes. Whether you own a small home garden or a large commercial complex, we can provide you with a custom irrigation solution that meets your needs and budget.

What is Landscape Irrigation?

Landscape irrigation is the process of watering plants, trees, and other landscaping features using a network of sprinklers, hoses, and pipes. In most cases, landscape irrigation systems are automated, meaning that they are controlled by a central timer or controller that activates the sprinklers at predetermined times and intervals. Landscape irrigation is a critical part of any landscape maintenance plan and can help to conserve water, reduce weed growth, and improve the overall health of your plants.

Our Wide Range of Landscape Irrigation Services

Top Tier Custom Landscape is a full-service landscape irrigation company, offering everything from system design and installation to seasonal repairs and maintenance.

Design and Installation

If you’re starting from scratch, our team of landscape designers can help you create a custom landscape irrigation system that is both water-efficient and cost-effective. We’ll take into account the size and layout of your property, as well as your watering requirements, to develop a design that maximizes efficiency and minimizes water waste. Once we have the perfect plan in place, our team of certified experts will get to work installing your new system.

Repairs and Maintenance

Even the best irrigation systems need occasional repairs and maintenance to keep them running smoothly. At Top Tier Custom Landscape, we offer seasonal tune-ups and repairs for all types of landscape irrigation systems. We can also troubleshoot problems and make recommendations for improvements to help keep your system running at peak efficiency.

Turfgrass and Shrub Irrigation

At Top Tier Custom Landscape, we also specialize in turfgrass and shrub irrigation. We are well-versed in all types of lawn irrigation systems, from traditional pop-up sprinklers to more advanced rotary nozzles and drip systems. We also provide irrigation services for ornamental shrubs and trees, including deep root watering and automated irrigation systems.

Water Conservation

As the leading provider of landscape irrigation services in McKinney, TX, we are committed to helping our clients reduce their water usage and save money on their monthly water bills. We can help you implement water-saving strategies like xeriscaping and smart irrigation controllers to help you get the most out of your landscape irrigation system.

Why Choose Top Tier Custom Landscape for Your Irrigation Needs?

When it comes to landscape irrigation, there is no one-size-fits-all solution. That’s why we take a custom approach to every project, working closely with our clients to design and install an irrigation system that is perfect for their needs.

Here are just a few of the reasons why so many homeowners and businesses in McKinney, TX trust Top Tier Custom Landscape when it comes to quality and affordable landscape irrigation services:

Full-Service Landscape Company – We offer everything from design and installation to repairs and maintenance.

Certified Experts – Our certified landscape professionals have the knowledge and experience to get the job done right.

Custom Solutions – We develop custom irrigation solutions for both residential and commercial properties.

Licensed and Insured – We are fully licensed and insured so can rest easy knowing that your home or business is in good hands.

Competitive Rates – Our rates are some of the best in the business, and we offer a variety of financing options to make our services even more affordable.

Don’t Let Your Lawn and Landscape Succumb to the Texas Heat

In Texas, we know a thing or two about the scorching summer heat. And while a little bit of sunshine is good for the soul, too much can be tough on your lawn and landscape. That’s where our landscape irrigation services come in. With a well-designed irrigation system, you can keep your plants healthy and green all summer long – no matter how hot it gets. If you’re ready to take your lawn and landscape to the next level, contact us today at (214) 609-7605.

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